Work With Me

Leading a business and ministry and balancing that with life is not easy, and I make a ton of mistakes. But I have also been the beneficiary of other people who, like me have walked this same path. They have shared their lessons with me, and I want to do the same with you. More important, there is still much to learn, and I want to learn from you.

Below are several ways that we can learn from each other:

  1. Share Your Story. I recently found out that a very dear friend and his wife have embarked on a ministry adventure that I knew nothing about. This man, a civil engineer whom I have been working with for years on a development project, decided to jump into the deep end of ministry. He and his wife took some surplus money and bought a house that they turned into transitional housing for women. They are helping to rebuild the lives of broken women through the power of Jesus Christ. It has filled such a need that they recently purchased a second house so that they could reach more ladies with the love of Jesus! What blew me away the most is that I talk to this guy almost every day, and I had no idea he and his wife were doing this. My guess is that this happens many times over. I would love to hear your story! This could be very encouraging and challenging to other business leaders.
  2. Ask Questions. If you have never thought about the calling of business for ministry, you may have quite a few questions. While there is no exact model for this, discussion can truly help you dream. God has a purpose for your business, and you need to discover the power of what you have been given!
  3. Tell Others About This Blog. Let’s get as many people as possible in on this discussion. The impact could be incredible.



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