Exponential 2022 – We’re Back!

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So excited to be back at Exponential in Orlando. And I’m excited to connect with some of my missional friends like Hugh Halter, Ralph Moore, Myron Pierce, Bill Couchenour, Mark DeYmaz, Jay Moon and others! For those of you who are part of this network or who attended my breakout, Operating a Business to Plant Churches, here is my list of favorite books/resources for business, mission, church planting! Some of these are free, so happy reading!


  • Venal DogmataJeff Christopherson


  • The Present FutureReggie McNeal


  • DisruptionMark DeYmaz
  • The Coming Revolution in Church EconomicsMark DeYmaz


  • The Book of EphesiansThe Apostle Paul


  • Made For MoreExponential eBook/Study


  • A Missional Approach to the MarketplaceJay Moon (Exponential eBook)
  • Missional Vibrancy and Financial ViabilityJay Moon (Exponential eBook)
  • Entrepreneurial Church PlantingJay Moon


  • The Missionary Pathway Primer – KC Underground (google)


  • The Tangible KingdomHugh Halter