In Business, This Is A Huge Number!

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Market Share… There is not a business owner alive who wouldn’t love to have this kind of market share. In my own business, there are geographic locations where we actually hit 32% market share, and that is simply amazing. But 60%??

The Bad News…The folks from Exponential gave us this number. This is not a good number. Research shows that only about 4% of people in the US attend a Bible-believing evangelical church. This does not reflect a true number of believers…just Bible-believing evangelicals.  Of the remaining 96% of people in our country, only 40% of those people will ever consider going to a church…ever. That leaves 60% who will never attend our church…or any church. I recently heard John Maxwell speak to this. The number he used was much more encouraging. Only 53% of people will never attend our church…or any church. Some encouragement that is! John kept saying over and over, “Did you hear me? Fifty-three percent of people in our country are NEVER GOING TO COME TO YOUR CHURCH!” Now I’m a pastor. This is not good.

What If…So what changes? According to what we are seeing in our society, we have a serious issue. On our best day, our church plan will only reach a potential 40% of lost people. What happens to the 60%?

In his book, Chase The Lion, Mark Batterson says, “There are ways of doing church that no one has thought of yet. We shouldn’t just be trend spotters. With the Holy Spirit’s help, we should be trendsetters. If you want to reach people no one is reaching, you might have to do something no one else is doing.”

What do you think? What do we do now? I have a few ideas, but I would be interested in yours.