Cuba Para Cristo!

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Business Question    What if you were approached with a business proposition that had a guaranteed ROI of 500% over sixty months, would you take it? Let me ask this another way. If you could invest $1million and get a 5-year return of $18million, would you try to find the million-dollar investment?

Next thought…what if you gave all the proceeds to the Kingdom of God. Let me add to the intrigue. If you could find $1million and invest it and reach an entire country for Christ, would you figure out how to do it?

The Setup   These are the questions that invaded my sleep last Monday night. The setting was a hotel in Havana, Cuba. Earlier that evening in a crowded Cuban restaurant, a couple friends shared a vision with a small group of us…a vision of planting house churches throughout all of Cuba. But there was something in the conversation that diverted my attention. It was mentioned that every one of these house church plants would quickly become self-supporting. Honestly, this is the first time I have ever heard of something like this in missions work. My frame of reference has always been that in any missions endeavor, there is a never ending financial requirement. This sounded so different to me that I interrupted the conversation to make sure I heard it correctly. When it was confirmed, my brain took off in another direction. And that led to the middle-of-the-night disruption. Here are the numbers.

$1million of investment will finance 6,000 house churches that will be planted in 60 months. Each church sponsors its own pastor at a rate of $50 per month. That’s a return of $3.6million per year, and in five years that amounts to a 500% ROI.

The Paradox   It wasn’t until later the next morning that I was awake enough to do the real numbers. The house church planters are already trained to plant the churches. And they have been practicing. In fact, their practice has been so effective that they have already planted over 2,700 churches. With $1million of investment, these amazing people will have planted a house church in every part of Cuba…a church for every 1,000 people on the island. And the number of these churches will keep multiplying. Sounds like something right out of the Book of Acts!

Do you understand what I am trying to communicate? We can impact an entire nation for Jesus Christ for just $1million. What an amazing business plan!

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